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About the Firm

JHL Tecture PC (established in November 1993) evolved from JHL Design, established in October 1987), to provide enhanced services in the fields of Architecture, Engineering, Historic Preservation, Urban Planning, Space Planning, and Interior Design.


JHL Tecture PC in partnership with our professional consultants, offers full services and single source responsibility to our clients. This also enables us to provide services for any size or scope of project. The goal of this new team is to develop a broader base of expertise in Architecture and Engineering, in order to provide the finest in design and value.

Our Scope of service

Studies: Soil Conditions, Hazard Conditions, Boundary and Topography Conditions, Feasibility Study, Site Visit, Preliminary Work and Initial Contract Conditions.

Conceptual Design - Initial Code Review, Project Programing, Conceptual Development and Preliminary Plans, Proposal / Contract Implementation, Scheduling, Site Plan, Design-Drawings and Model Construction (based on requirements), Planning Consultation and Design Consultation.

Schematic Design - Intermediate Level Code and Zoning Review, Project Programing on Schematic Level, Systems Integration Analysis, Plan Layout & Orientation, Rudimentary Specifications, Financial Planning Possibilities, Planning and other Agencies to Review, Construction Document Proposal.

Design Development - Job Data Documentation & Checklists, Project Program, Programming Review, Final Code Review, Work towards Systems Integration strategies, Plans and Key Details, Review of Work and Background Conditions, Start on Sections, Start on Elevations, Consultation and Review of Project 1/3rd Completion with Engineering/Structural/EMP&Program Review of Code and Zoning Conditions, Project Cost Estimates Inclusive, and Status update.

Construction Documents - Enhance Documentation & Detail conditions, Internal Review of all Data prior to moving to Graphic Documentation, Outline CD and Checklist, Obtain Permit through required material submission, Complete CDs at 70% then check internally (Cost Estimates), Complete at 90% then with Consultant Review (Civil, Landscape, Structural and other related Engineering) in conjunction with obtaining permit, File a Status Report and Client meeting throughout this process. Start Specifications, Corrections and Redlines on CDs, Coordinate Requirements for Bid Package (Pre-Bid).

Bidding - Finish Specifications and Bid Instructions, Establish Single Bid Set, Generate Bid List, Acknowledge bidder comments, code issues and establish and Addenda, Receive and Review Bids, Contract Negotiations (if required), Determine scope of services for Construction Administration.

Construction Administration - Pre-Construction meeting with GC and Main subs, Set Schedules, Shop Drawing Log, Application for Payment Reviews, Status Update, Clarifications-Changes-etc., Final Application Payment, Final Owner Review, Stand the job down, prepare for inactive filing, archive.

 Supplemental Services- Establish the scope of work and its necessity, Signed Approval for Services.


Sustainability, Adaptive Reuse 
& Restoration

First question is, Is there a relationship between the Historical Preservation Sector, Architecture in an Environmentally Sustainable Condition and Planning and Development in a non-abrasive direction? All of these point to one direction, which is " Stewardship." If as an individual, community, or even as part of the whole in this global economic context, the answer becomes a question; Are we or are we not good caretakers of ourselves and our world which we inhabit? Once we become responsible for the initial decisions we make, or correct the errors of human endeavor, one by one the place we inhabit becomes a better place. This place we call home can last a bit longer if we can take stock in its humanity with some integrity.


Historical Context: Searching for a new paradigm through an aggressive manner will be a contradiction in its own dialectic. Perhaps learning from the carpenter who takes his time in carefully selecting the material up to sanding the last bit of directional woodgrain prior to putting a finish on a table top would be a better image. Care taking in itself is the first step to longevity. Of course we are inheritors of European Colonialism, and sure we are less than 300 years old as Americans in these United States. It is precisely the ability to recognize the challenges we undertake to make changes where changes are done, and preserve what is important that makes the distinction of our human sophistication.


Environmental Sustainability: Utilizing renewable and/ or reusable materials, Being clever in letting natural daylighting and natural fresh air become part of the dwelling place.


Smart Growth: Planning and Development without taking away from the places original character and conditions. Making places for people to walk and providing more sidewalks, creating  places for people to gather, and making it people friendly and raising public awareness of places as if it was our own.

John Hamilton Lusk- Principal Architect, AIA

Mr. Lusk is an experienced architect and president of JHL/Tecture, AE, P.C. He has over 25 years of experience in the fields of new building design, building restoration, historic preservation urban master planning and development, and commercial facilities. Mr. Lusk had managed over 200 architectural projects. He brings a complete package of architectural experience with emphasis on facility analysis, facility planning, facility programming, and master planning as well as the essential community empathy.

He received his Bachelor of Architecture in May of 1980 from Kent State University. Architectural Registration include New York (1987), Pennsylvania (2000), and Rhode Island (2001). Presently working on registration status in-conjunction with State of MA, CA and Others.Pre-Design - Owner / Project Scope & Meetings, Project Background Research

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